Circular tummy tuck

Circular tummy tuck in Turkey : abdominal and lower back lift at a reduced price

What is a circular Circular tummy tuck ?

Circular Circular tummy tuck allows the removal of the excess skin covering the abdomen, the flanks and the upper buttocks.

This reconstructive surgery is often necessary following a significant weight loss (especially after a bariatric surgery). Indeed, the classical abdominal plasty may not be sufficient if the patient wants to correct the sagging skin around the entire circumference of the lower trunk, hence the use of circular abdominoplasty.

Circular lipectomy : for whom ?

Circumferential abdominoplasty allows to correct an important skin sagging following a massive weight loss and located mainly in the abdomen and the lower back. It is intended for patients suffering from :

  • Damaged and stretch-marked skin bulges following a significant weight loss

  • a greasy, cutaneous apron that sags over the belly and buttocks

  • Hygiene problems due to the excess abdominal skin (skin irritation, macerations...)

  • an inability to practise certain physical activities due to bulges

  • Clothing limitations and social embarrassment due to the unsightly appearance of the abdomen and the upper buttocks

Circular tummy tuck Turkey

The price of the circular Circular tummy tuck in Turkey

As for all the other types of tummy tuck, the price of a circular lipectomy in Turkey is very advantageous. At Aram Clinic, the price of the circular abdominoplasty in Turkey corresponds to an all inclusive pack which includes :

  • The fees of the medical team performing the procedure

  • The hospitalization costs in the clinic

  • The consultation and the possible preoperative medical tests

  • The medications prescribed after the intervention as well as the compression garments

  • The postoperative care and follow-up visits with the surgeon

  • A convalescent stay in a luxury hotel in Istanbu

  • The reception at the airport and the transport by a private vehicle between the airport, the clinic and the hotel

To find out how much a circular abdominoplasty in Turkey costs, please ask for a free, personalized, confidential and non-binding quote.

Circular tummy tuck

The advantages of a circular tummy tuck in Turkey

By choosing to perform a circular dermolipectomy with Aram Clinic as part of an all inclusive medical stay in Turkey, you will benefit from :

  • A professional medical team and plastic surgeons who are experts in all types of abdominoplasty

  • Highly equipped clinics complying with international health and safety standards

  • A personalized assistance for all the steps related to the intervention and the medical stay in Turkey

  • An all-inclusive package that includes the cost of the procedure, the convalescence stay and the postoperative follow-up

To benefit from it is simple, ask for your free quote.

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Circumferential abdominal lift in Turkey : how is it performed ?

Circular tummy tuck Turkey price

The circular tummy tuck surgery lasts 2 to 4 hours and is performed under general anaesthesia. It requires a horizontal incision that overhangs the pubic hair and extends beyond the hips to go all around the trunk.

Once the incision has been made, the practitioner removes the skin and the damaged parts which generally correspond to 30 cm strips of skin on each side of the trunk.

If there is localized fat residue, the surgeon may perform a belly or hips liposuction before removing the excess skin. Similarly, a tightening of the abdominal strap muscles may be performed during the same surgical procedure in particular to correct the after-effects of pregnancy in the patient. The surgeon then places internal sutures to restore tension to the abdominal muscle wall.

At the end of the procedure, the skin is re-draped and the circular incision is closed with resorbable sutures on which the surgeon applies a compression dressing.

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Circular belly surgery

Circumferential abdominoplasty : the postoperative phases

Circular abdominoplasty requires a minimum of 48 hours of hospitalization. The after-effects of the procedure are proportional to the amount of skin that is removed and include :

  • a localized swelling that gradually subsides and disappears after three to six weeks

  • marked bruising for several weeks

  • pain, sometimes severe, alleviated by intravenous injections and analgesic drugs

  • Tension and bleeding around the incision

  • transient numbness in the surgical areas

  • Wearing restraints for about two months

  • the injection of anticoagulants for the first few days to avoid phlebitis

  • Antibiotic treatment

  • Putting in drains to evacuate fluids from the incisions

  • Wearing compression stockings for three to four weeks

  • A rest of at least 20 days

  • Resuming sports activities after 2 months

During your convalescence following a circumferential abdominoplasty in Turkey, the surgeon will give you clear instructions (periodicity of wound cleansing, delay before taking a bath, how to move and sleep in order to avoid putting the skin under tension...). The respect of these instructions is essential to avoid complications and obtain the expected result.

Circular abdominoplasty : the results

Circular abdominoplasty scars are permanent and go around the waist. However, they fade strongly with time and take on a white colour after a few months. Moreover, the scar of the circumferential abdominoplasty in Turkey is perfectly hidden by underwear.

The result of the lower bodylift can be appreciated as soon as the oedema is completely resorbed. The silhouette is refined. The bulges as well as the striated and damaged skin flaps give way to a toned and smooth skin. This aesthetic improvement allows the patient to regain self-confidence and encourages him to opt for a new lifestyle.

However, a possible pregnancy or further weight fluctuations may affect the result of the circumferential abdominoplasty.

At Aram Clinic, we make sure that patients get the most out of cosmetic surgery in Turkey. Even after the procedure, we regularly contact each patient as part of the remote postoperative follow-up.

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